Belt Conveyors System

Standard Belt Conveyors are generally used on assembly / packing lines, or in clean areas such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Roller Conveyors System

Conveyor World System Engineering design, manufacture and supply both standard and bespoke roller conveyors

Metal Detector Conveyors

Conveyor World System Engineering. welcome all enquiries, however great or small and as we aim to make purchasing a Metal Detection unit as easy as possible, we provide many services to all of our customers should they be required.

Slat Conveyors System

Slat conveyors are predominantly used, and are ideal in such industries as food and pharmaceuticals, where rapid speed and accuracy is of the utmost importance, plus they also have the ability to be washed down for hygiene purposes.

Magnetic Conveyors

Magnetic Conveyors are often viewed as the ‘magic’ conveyor system, as you cannot see a moving mechanical part. Magnetic conveyors are used to convey small mild steel objects, from either straight under a press or from outside the press, being fed from an internal conveyor.

Chain Conveyor System

Chain Conveyors are predominantly used for either very heavy loads, very wide and awkward loads, or where the base is not suitable (not flat or firm – product/pallet/stillages may have feet underneath) to be handled on rollers.

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